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Ohio Program

The mission of the Ohio initiative was to ease any pain and suffering of wildlife through quality care with the intent to release the healthy animal back into their natural environment.

In the spring of 2010, Savage Hart began rescuing wildlife in Ohio with the aim of providing quality care to ease any pain and suffering of the animals. The ultimate goal was to release the healthy animals back into their natural environment. Each rescue mission also aimed to educate the local community about the natural behavior of Ohio native wild animals and to find solutions for peaceful coexistence with wildlife.

After undergoing the necessary training and obtaining permits from the state, the rehabilitation services commenced. Over the years, hundreds of native wild animals were admitted and cared for. As the number of animal intakes continued to increase, it became apparent that a larger facility was needed. To fund the construction of the new building, various sources were tapped, including fundraisers, individual donations, and grants. The new facility was designed and built to adequately meet the needs of the growing number of animals in need.

Savage Hart's Ohio Program was specifically designed to provide care for orphaned, injured, and sick mammals. Any reptiles or avian species that were brought in were given initial treatment and then transferred to partner permit holders for further care. Laura Daggerhart, the founder of Savage Hart and a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator, held a special permit that allowed her to accept fawns and bobcats for treatment.

In 2019, Savage Hart moved its base of operations to Columbus, GA, where our primary focus was establishing a network of local wildlife rescuers and rehabilitators.

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