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Mission Monarch entails the preservation and restoration of Monarch Butterfly habitat on both their Summer and Winter grounds. In cooperation with like-minded organizations, this project initiates conservation efforts that are of paramount importance for this imperiled pollinator.

Every year, the Eastern Monarchs migrate to the Butterfly Biosphere located in Central America. During the winter months, this sanctuary becomes the home of millions of butterflies that have traveled thousands of miles from the eastern parts of North America to hibernate in this remote and safe haven.

Our team partners with Monarch Watch to tag wild Monarch butterflies during their fall migration. The tags provide important data about the species and their survival. Once the monarchs arrive at their wintering grounds in Mexico, data collected from the tagged individuals answers questions about the migrant butterflies, including their origins, timing and pace, mortality rates, and changes in geographic distribution. Answering these questions is crucial to the overall monarch conservation effort, and we are excited to be a part of it!

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism to the Butterfly Biosphere has significantly decreased, which has had a severe impact on the surrounding communities. These communities rely heavily on eco-tourism as a source of income each season. To support the preservation of the butterfly sanctuary and to create employment opportunities for local people in the forest, Savage Hart has decided to offer support to Butterflies and Their People, a non-profit organization.

This critical environment is facing extreme danger due to habitat destruction and the decline of ecotourism.

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