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Australia Relief

Savage Hart promotes the importance of wildlife rehabilitation domestically and internationally. We came to the aid of one wildlife rehab center in Australia that needed financial assistance to help care for the bushfire victims.

In 2019, Australia was devastatingly ravaged by bushfires. According to The World Wildlife Fund, over 1.25 billion animals are estimated to have died due to this tragedy. Not only did animals lose their lives, but they also lost their natural habitat.

Savage Hart called for immediate global support!

Savage Hart believes that every animal plays an important role in our ecosystem. We believe in quality over quantity. It’s not only about how many animals we can help but the high quality of care to each individual animal.

Bluebush Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc is a relatively new nonprofit established in 2018. During this particular time, they had two bushfire victims in their care, Jack and Finn, with one more on the way (Clover).

Sue, one of the founders, states, “It seems most of the young joeys from the bushfires are struggling with the stress of losing their mum, their familiar environment, and the terror of the fires.”

Savage Hart was quick to spread awareness of the difficulties at hand for the care of these joeys.  Donations started arriving from caring individuals to support the rehab of Australia's orphaned and injured joeys. Businesses, such as Bodia, reached out to help raise funds.

Together, we were able to donate 100% of all funds raised to help rehab Jack, Finn, and Clover. These joeys will be in rehab for 12 months.

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