Most of the work accomplished at Savage Hart wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team of volunteers donating their time to help us continue our mission.
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Wildlife Transporting

Our volunteers are unsung heroes of the wildlife rehabilitation world. The service that they provide is truly invaluable — most of us don't have the time nor resources to drive hours away to pick up injured wildlife — and it's difficult to fathom just how many victimized animals would go untended without our volunteers' tireless efforts.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer emergency wildlife transporter for our area, we highly recommend registering with Georgia Wildlife Network Volunteer Transporters.
Register to Transport Wildlife
Once you've registered and completed the onboarding process, you'll receive notifications concerning sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife in your area, and have the opportunity to play an active role in the rehabilitative process. It's a much-needed (and much appreciated!) service, and a great way to help us keep wildlife wild!
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