Savage Sponsors

Savage Hart Sponsors provide the Savage Hart team with reliable resources and supportive care necessary for keeping our vision alive.
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Become a Sponsor

Want to continuously support our wildlife patients throughout the year? Enrolling in one of our “Wildlife Giving Tiers” allows you to make a recurring monthly donation at a price-point that is significant to you. Your monthly contributions ensure that our team has the resources we need to provide patients with professional medical care for years to come.


$10 Per Month


$20 Per Month


$35 Per Month


$50 Per Month


$75 Per Month


$100 Per Month
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One-time Donations

If monthly sponsporships don’t fit in your budget but you’d still like to support us, consider making a one-time donation to our organization instead.
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Savage Hart Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. is a nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. Federal Tax ID 47-3097192.